Shut the &#! Up

Shut the &#! Up

How to stop yourself from going down that rabbit hole of negativity and put a cork in complaining.

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Jorge Perez is author and founder of the STFU method. The STFU Method is a transformative approach that emphasizes the power of silence and self- reflection to radically improve one’s life. It revolves around the understanding that excessive complaining, dwelling on problems, or engaging in negative self-talk perpetuates stress and impedes personal growth. By adopting the STFU Method, individuals learn to quiet their minds, focus on positive affirmations, and engage in practices that promote a healthier, more optimistic outlook on life. This method is not about suppressing one’s voice but about harnessing the power of strategic silence to detox from negativity, rewire one’s thought patterns, and ultimately lead a more fulfilled and peaceful life.


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