How to Train Your Brain (Part Two)

How to Train Your Brain (Part Two)

In our last podcast I spoke with Miami dentist and hypnotist Dr. Steven Roth who says he uses hypnosis to do dental work on patients who don’t want to use anesthesia. I know – it sounds VERY crazy to me, too! But he claims it works because we can actually train our brains to do whatever we want, including be happy. Sooooo in this podcast I let him hypnotize me.

Warning: I was very skeptical yet very willing to be vulnerable to really see if this works.

Check out Part One here.

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Dr. Roth is an award-winning Cosmetic dentist who has worked at his Miami office for over 25 years. Dr. Roth has trained as a hypnotist since 2007. He is certified as a certified medical hypnosis and offers patients a pain-free, anxiety free dental experience.


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