Getting Your 25 Year Old Body Back

Getting Your 25 Year Old Body Back

Age is an illusion.

Well, kinda.

What if I told you there are things you can do RIGHT NOW to bring back your 25 year old body? I know, I was skeptical too. But it IS possible to turn back time… it’s not just a Cher song.

This podcast is juicy! We talk to Dr. Lisbeth Roy who says if we follow her clear steps, we can reverse aging. She also talks about some of the most cutting edge treatments that the whole world will be talking about soon.


This Episode's Feaured Guest

“I believe that everyone has the choice to harness the power of their “human machine” and create habits that support optimal function and the realization of their full wellness potential.” – Dr. Lizbeth Roy.

Lisbeth Roy, D.O. is the founder of Doctors Studio, a unique medical and aesthetic practice offering the most advanced non-surgical techniques for anti-aging, skin and body rejuvenation and sexual wellness procedures using all natural platelet rich plasma technology (PRP). Roy is also the founder and chief medical officer of Studio PRP, a turn-key training and business solution designed for physicians to successfully implement innovative regenerative medical therapies and techniques using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).


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