Trusting Your Gut

Trusting Your Gut

“I had a feeling about that…”

We’ve all said that at some point in our lives after we failed to follow our gut feeling. But how do we listen to our intuition when we are trained to listen to our therapist, our friends, our mother– anyone but ourselves!

My guest, life coach Simone Kelly, will tell us how we can get out of our head and follow our gut, which will always have the answer.

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Simone Kelly, CEO of Own Your Power® Communications, Inc., embodies an inspirational and universal force that energizes you. As an author, holistic business and life coach, motivational speaker, media personality and certified Reiki –Master teacher, Simone helps her clients achieve the balance they desire. She’s the woman who leads by example as she “owns her power.”


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