Being Your True Self While Dating

Being Your True Self While Dating

Laughing when something isn’t funny, ordering a salad when you really want a fat cheeseburger… even wearing Spanx and hoping he won’t notice — all to get the guy to think you’re better than you actually are. We’ve all done it and we especially do it in the early stages of dating. But that’s CRAP! Because when we’re being our fake selves, we’re having fake relationships. And who wants that? In this podcast we talk to a dating expert who will tell us how we can practice being our authentic selves in the dating world – so we can have authentic relationships!

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Lisa Concepcion is a dating and relationship coach that helps couples and individuals on all things dating, but especially how to find your soulmate and have solid, loving and fulfilling relationships with yourself and your partner


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