How to Have Better Sex

How to Have Better Sex

“God, I hope he doesn’t notice my cellulite.”
“I’m too tired to even take off my clothes.”
“This is taking me too long.”
If any of those thoughts ever roam through your mind, you’re not alone.

Today’s guest is a doctor who will tell us how women can have better sex, by changing the way we think about ourselves. Warning, this is definitely NOT for the kids.

It is, however, for women who are hung up on self criticism, fatigue or boredom. Enjoy.

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Dr. Rusilko specializes in creating healthy lifestyles that support longevity and improved overall quality of life through medically supervised and customized diagnostic and treatment programs, with an emphasis placed on personal patient attention and follow-up. His brand of Lifestyle Medicine, caters to patients who desire and who are committed to invest in themselves, to discover true transformation and regain aspects of their life they may have been lost while they weren’t paying attention.


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