How to Center Yourself

How to Center Yourself

“Take a deep breath and center yourself, Lynn.”
That’s what my guru has told me for YEARS when I would wail to her about a problem I was having. I knew the advantages of centering myself (making better choices) but I didn’t really know how to do it.

In this podcast Robert Painley – a psychic and medium- has the centering thing down and tells us why we need this practice in our life and best of all- how to do it!

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Robert Painley is a psychic and a medium meaning he is able to see your future and can directly communicate with spirits in the afterlife. He has a background as a senior sales professional and education, but 12 years ago he decided to shift and focus on his gift.


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  • RAP

    Hi, “AFLWL”(Advice for life with Lynn) community… I’m going to get back to center and follow my own advice and be honest with myself👍: my message was good but my delivery needs work. This was my first public interview as well opening up publicly about how I work with Spirit. I gained so much insight on how to do better in the future should I be interviewed again. I was nervous. I got out of my comfort zone. I did something new. The experience didn’t kill me. You can do it too! Try something new. Don’t worry what others may think. Don’t take yourself too seriously! Find your center🙏 Thanks, Lynn, for the coaching and the experience. You helped my soul’s path and I thank you sincerely🌈