Secrets to Keeping the Flame Alive

Secrets to Keeping the Flame Alive

Sex can be MORE than sex!

Imagine that for a minute….
In this podcast we talk with relationship expert Leilla Blackwell (she offered us her wisdom in the last podcast about cheating), about something she calls “The Pleasure Map”.

In our conversation she gets down to it; telling us how to make love more intimate, passionate, adventurous and pleasurable. Whether you’ve been married 19 plus years like I was, or if you’re in the dating pool, we find out how to embrace adventure and true intimacy.

Ohhhh yes!

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Leilla Blackwell is a relationship coach and radio host for the Own Your Own Power Radio Network. She has also contributed on two books: She Loved Herself, and Essential Wisdom. She specializes in helping people with love and intamacy.


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