How to Manifest What You Want (Part One)

How to Manifest What You Want Part One

We all want it all… and we can have it!

Have you ever looked at someone’s life and thought:

“Wow, they get everything.”
“That person just has better luck than me.”

There is no such thing as luck.

To me — there’s no such thing as luck. I know that doesn’t sound very romantic — but it’s true.

Things happen in life because either:
A) the universe is giving us a lesson and a chance to heal something
B) because we have manifested it either consciously or unconsciously.

In this podcast, we address B: the ability to manifest what you want in your life. But how do we do that? Most of us have no idea… most of us go through life reacting to life instead of creating it, simply because we have absolutely no idea how to create what we want!

I honestly don’t have a clear idea how to do it– I’ve manifested what I’ve wanted maybe a handful of times in my life, but I wanted to talk to someone who has the manifesting recipe down, so we can do it!

Jill Rappaport is the perfect guest to talk about change.

I talk to Jill who will tell us about her own journey of manifesting huge changes in her life. She went from a powerful businesswoman with major responsibilities, to a single mom deciding to create her own new business in what seemed like a flick of a switch.

She tells us what motivated her, how she moved away from fear to become a highly successful and beautiful woman oozing with happiness and love. Jill has such a rich story with great tips, it’s a two-parter!

Listen to this twice. And if can, take notes. You’ll want to refer back to them!

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This Episode's Feaured Guest

After a life changing experience with Tony Robbins, Jill launched her life dream of helping people create peace and harmony in their lives through yoga, meditation and other mind-body practices. Jill recreated her life: She sold her house and car, and began to de-tox and de-stress. Eventually, she became certified to teach adults and children, infusing elements of eastern philosophies even with her youngest students.

You can learn more about Jill at


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