How to Maintain Youthful Skin

How to Maintain Youthful Skin

Yeah, Yeah, we have to love and accept ourselves on the inside first. But, isn’t it nice to feel good on the outside, too?

In this podcast I talk to one of the top dermatologists in the country, Dr. Christopher O’Connell (he happens to be in Miami – the land of perfect people), and get the secrets to great skin.

How do the celebrities manage to maintain gorgeous skin throughout the years, and how can we do it without a million dollar salary?

I love Dr. O’Connell because he tells you like it is, without making you feel hopeless. He gives us the top three things we should be doing at home now to maintain and improve our beautiful skin because let’s face it – everyone wants to feel and look good.

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Dr. O’Connell is a board-certified Miami cosmetic and medical dermatologist with Skin Associates who specializes in the health and beauty of his patients’ skin. A respected dermatologist, he has been published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology and Pediatric Dermatology.


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