How to Be Yourself & Reach Success

How to Be Yourself & Reach Success

“Does this look okay on me?”

We’ve all said it.
Because most of us consciously or subconsciously dress for the approval of others.
Most of us say, do and act a certain way for the approval of others.
This prevents us from being our true selves.

But, what would it be like to be our 100 percent authentic selves most of the time?
It would mean wearing whatever we wanted to wear and not caring what other people thought.
It would mean saying what we wanted to say and not worrying about meeting the approval of others.
It would mean total freedom.

What keeps most of us from doing this is fear of not being accepted. In our egotistic minds, if we’re not accepted we might not find a significant other, be successful in a career or have any friends.

In this podcast you’re going to find out that’s a bunch of CRAP!

I talk to one of the most authentic people on this planet: Belkys Nerey.
She’s extraordinarily popular as an anchorwoman at WSVN-TV in Miami. She says what’s on her mind and makes no apologies. Most people love her, very few do not. She edits herself very little and has reached enormous success. I see it has her having courage, she sees it has herself being herself.

So lets find out how we can be our 100 percent AUTHENTIC selves – and be SUCCESSFUL!
No editing involved…

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Emmy award winning journalist Belkys Nerey has been a TV junkie her whole life. It’s no wonder she grew up to be a main anchor at one of the country’s most dynamic television stations, WSVN in Miami Florida. Her lighthearted interview style and fun loving-personality make all of her stories witty, refreshing, and — just like Belkys herself, completely original.


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