Healing Yourself

Healing Yourself by Taking out the Garbage

Blink for a second.
That’s how long it takes for us to get triggered – to feel upset, angry, sad or worried.

After that blink of a trigger, if we are not conscious, we react; we project on others or explode and we are just not happy.

So, how do we get happy?

Today’s guest says the key to happiness is living with awareness. She is a true healer and tells us what awareness is, how to practice having it even after “the blink” — and most importantly — how living with awareness can be a method for healing ourselves, which ultimately leads to true happiness. Now be aware that you’re about to listen to this podcast.

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Karina Zabner learned about energy healing and became passionate about the connection between her own energy field and her physical, spiritual, and mental health. She calls herself a change agent coach who teaches awareness through a program she has created called “The Art of Living with Awareness.”


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