How to Get Through Your Darkest Hours

How to Get Through Your Darkest Hours

“Just be positive!”
That’s good advice when you find yourself feeling a bit negative or fearful… but for many people the “just be” part is pretty hard when you feel like every aspect of your life is in the sewer and you just can’t take it anymore.

My guest will tell us how to get through our darkest hours. Shireen Sandoval has seen some pretty pitch-black days, and somehow pulled herself out of a deep hole, picked herself up and not only got through it, but got better. Listen to this podcast to find out how to turn on the light.

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Shireen Sandoval is an entertainment reporter and co-host of Deco Drive on WSVN in Miami Florida. She’s had her fair share of tough times between a divorce, loss of a child, and life threatening illness, and has been forced to push through to survive and thrive.


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