How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex & Drugs (Part One)

How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex & Drugs (Part One)

“Sex is bad and painful.”

This was the extent of my sex talk I got from my mom — which was way more than she got from her mom!

Think back to your own sex talk… you, like most of us, probably got your sex and drugs info from your “cool” friends. And those “cool” friends didn’t always have the best advice or even accurate information. Through the grace of God you made it through your teens and twenties… and now you have your own child. Even better — now sex and drugs is even more prevelent thanks to the world wide web, other media and just life itself.

So, how do we talk to our kids about sex and drugs? How do we do it better than our own parents? How do we help our children navigate through this challenging life to grow into healthy young people making solid choices?

The good news is, every generation does indeed get better, and more than that — I have a podcast that will teach us how we can get better at this subject! My guest is Rachel Lapides, who will tell us exactly what kind of conversations we need to be having with our children from toddler years all the way up to teen ready-for-college years.

This is a large topic so we have split it into two parts. The first part, we’ll learn how to talk to our kids about sex, the second part, we find out how to do the drug talk.

And more than anything, we’ll learn how to get over our own uncomfortable feelings and do it better. Mom would be proud.

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Rachel Lapides earned her Masters of Education (M.Ed) and Education Specialist (Ed.S) degrees in Counselor Education with a specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Florida. She is licensed in the State of Florida as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and is based in Miami, Florida.


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