Get Into the Present by Letting Go of the Past

Get Into the Present by Letting Go of the Past

We all know being in the present moment is exactly where we should practice being — but did you know going back to our past can help us with the present moment?

In this podcast — things get a little out there. And that’s a good thing. We talk with an expert who helps people with past life regression, so they can understand why they have some of the issues they’re having today.

Many times we have a phobia or repeat the same bad mistake over and over, and we don’t know why. Our guest says many times it’s because of some unfinished business our soul had in the past. She’ll tell us how going to our past — with or without past life regression — can help us heal in the present moment.

This Episode's Feaured Guest

Traci Rhone was born in Kingston, Jamaica and is a painter, licensed psychotherapist, and film producer based in Miami, Florida. She is the daughter of the late famous Jamaican writer, playwright and film maker Trevor D. Rhone

She is committed to helping her clients connect with what is most important in their lives. She uses a variety of modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnosis and past life regression.


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