How to Accept Your Mother

How to Accept Your Mother

Love Yourself When You Accept Your Mother

I don’t know what it is about mothers, but they get all the blame. I think it just goes with the job. My mom triggers me WAY more than my dad. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I identify with her because I’m a girl, or maybe it’s because she’s been my go-to person since day one.

When I started therapy a billion years ago I would tell my therapist these mom stories and I would look for her to tell me that I was right, my mom did need to change. Instead, she taught me I didn’t need to change my mom, I needed to accept my mom. Wow. I was’t sure where to begin!

In this podcast, family therapist Dr. Valerie Goode explains exactly how to accept your mother. She tells us how to look at our moms differently, how not to judge her because when we’re judging her, we’re really judging ourselves. She also talks about how to love and mother ourselves.

Dr. Goode says our displeasure with mom is really all about us. When we’re okay on the inside, we’ll be okay with mom (and other people for that matter!). When we’re constantly complaining about our mother and trying to get them to change, it means we’re not okay with some part of ourselves. I know I know… it’s more fun to blame mom! But it’s an even better feeling to accept her.

Dr. Goode also says to accept your mother it doesn’t mean you have to or want to spent a lot of time with her, it just means you’re loving her, and in turn, loving yourself.

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