Six Conversations to Better Your Life

We all learn differently...

Everyone learns differently, so I decided to put some of my favorite podcasts into a handy book that you can take with you!

When it comes to learning something new, I have to involve all my senses. I need to hear it, read it, speak it, touch it (if I could smell it, I’d do that, too.) I need all the help I can get.

For those who just like to read, this book is great because you’ll read six podcasts on stuff we can all relate to: your body, your mother, your life and (drum roll, please) your orgasms. (Even my conservative mom loved the orgasm podcast, so that says something!).

They’re super-informative and they’re not long. This isn’t church.

For those who’ve already listened to these podcasts, there’s something extra in this book. Each topic has supplementary information from each guest that you didn’t hear in the original podcast. Yippee!

“Advice for Life” is about helping all of us to have better relationships with ourselves and others. It’s something I want for myself and everyone I meet, but I’m new at this so please tell me what you think at

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Available on Kindle or Paperback via Amazon.