Welcome to My Podcast!

Welcome to My Podcast!

Welcome to Advice for Life Podcast Heaven!

I wanted to make sure to include a quick welcome message for all of you – my new listeners! Yay! 😊

These podcasts are designed to take you to the next level of personal growth. Take a quick listen while I share with you why I wanted to start this podcast, who I will be interviewing, the areas they specialize in, and how each episode can be helpful to you. There are definitely take aways from each guest I sit down with.

I’ve also got some tips and tricks for the best way to absorb the content that I go over with my guests, and things you can do to create the change that you are seeking in your life.

I see us spending a lot of time together as this podcast grows, so I’ve even included some confessions and what’s on my mind in the beginning of my podcasts. I’m human, too, you know!

So, Welcome! I look forward to enjoying this journey together!

You can also jump right into my first podcast interview today: How to Stop Hating Your Body. (It’s a good one, I promise! …and even more to come!) I sat down with Jessica Smith, a fitness guru and YouTube sensation, and she tells me all of her favorite tricks.


You can listen to today's episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where I’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment).

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