Have Faith — Then Have What You Want

Have Faith -- Then Have What You Want

“You’ve got to have faith.”

How many times have you heard that in church, or synagogue or at any religious service? Probably a lot.
It’s what spiritual leaders say to their flock.

It’s what George Michael sings about in his 80’s song “Faith”…

Michael Jackson had a great song too, “Keep the Faith”.

But how do you have faith?
And what does it mean?

When I was growing up, having faith meant believing without seeing.
Now as an adult, I’ve come to realize it also means letting go, and trusting everything is okay.

Letting go and trusting everything is okay doesn’t come naturally for most people, so it’s something that needs to be practiced every single day in every single moment.

Having Faith Takes Practice

I have moments of being able to practice having faith — and when I do magic happens.

For example, when someone on my team said to me recently, “So, who are your next podcast guests for the next few months?” I shrugged and said, “I don’t really have anyone specific lined up, I never sweat about that because I just trust they will show up. It always works for me.”

She kind of gave me a you’re crazy look. At that moment I remember my fear coming up inside me just a tad… for a second I doubted myself and wondered if I needed a better plan or worse, if I was going to be a podcast flop.

In two seconds I shook off that fear and said to myself, “Nah. You’re fine. Keeping trusting the guests will show up.”

I like how that felt. And, sure enough the guests have been showing up. So far. Why? Without a doubt 100 percent — because I’ve let go of the fear and I trust everything is okay; I have faith.

Now, that does NOT mean I just throw my hands in the air and do absolutely nothing while saying “I have faith my podcast will write itself, research itself and the guests will come.” No. You still have to do the work. I still have to do my part. I still take a few minutes everyday and think about who would be a great guest to help my listeners… but then I let it go.

I’m not sitting there fretting about the next guest. If I did fret — I would be putting out negative energy and that always blocks things from coming to us. I always visualize fear as a physical wall or block in front of us, preventing the flow of life from getting in or getting out.

When I don’t practice having faith — magic never happens.

Faith Means Letting go of Fear

I may have faith about podcast guests, but I don’t have faith about blogs.
Nearly every week I think to myself, “What am I gonna write about? Is any of this making a difference? What if my well of ideas goes dry?” What I get back is not a wealth of creativity, I only get back more fear. (Like the saying what you put out and what you get back.)

I feel stuck and worried. It’s in these precise moments, we, me, needs to practice letting go and trusting everything is okay. So, when I get in that worried place I do the Faith Work; I get aware, and consciously let go… I even shake and flick off the worried energy from my hands and arms.

Then I tell myself, “Do your part, then have faith in the universe that everything is okay. You’re okay.”

My Guru Knows…

My guru is an even better example of letting go and trusting.

When she was in her 50’s and going through a divorce I projected my own fears and insecurities and worriedly asked her, “What are you going to do, Marilyn?? Are you going to date?? Will you be alone??”

She calmly replied; “I’m going to work on myself for a year, and then…. he’ll just show up.”

He will just show up. Who says that? And what did that even mean? Is some great guy gonna just show up at her doorstep in a year just like that?

I respected her so much and categorically did not believe this would happen. It sounded good… but I believed it was totally not realistic.

Thirteen months later I was sitting across from her during a therapy session and noticed a huge shiny ring on her left hand. “What is that, Marilyn?!” I squealed.

“I’m engaged,” she said. “He just showed up.”

Yes. Marilyn was right. She did her part; worked on her issues for a year, got centered, then started attracting some great guys. One of them was someone she already knew and was actually showing up for her when she wasn’t ready.

When she was ready – magic. She had faith everything would work out for her greater good, she had faith the right guy would show up. And he did.

That was incredible and something to aspire to — but let’s remember it’s sometimes harder, yet extremely beneficial, practicing letting go and trusting in the everyday things of life.

We can do this when we worry about money, health, relationships, career, our kids, or getting to an appointment on time.

Practice doing your part, then let go, and trust everything is okay. Because when we have faith, magic happens.


Lynn Martinez is a life coach, messenger and motivational speaker who gives women the tools to change old patterns of guilt, blame and fear — and turn them into new patterns that bring about positive change. Twitter: @Advice4LifeLynn

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